Q Acoustics Support

Q. Do I need to 'Break-In' or 'Run-In' my new loudspeakers?

You don't really need to run in any loudspeakers, but we expect loudspeakers to sound a little better after approximately 72 hours of use.

Normally 72 hours of use, not necessarily continuous, but should be at quite a high (realistic listening) level.

You can play whatever audio material you like to 'Break-In' or 'Run-In' loudspeakers, as long as the amplifier is not over-driven and clipping.

One way of avoiding disturbing the household, or neighbours, is to place the loudspeakers face to face and wire one loudspeaker out of phase (swap the + and - around). This greatly reduces the sound level and is a double check that the phasing is correct in the first place.