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Q Media - Q. How do I use a Q Acoustics Soundbar with BT YouView?


Unfortunately there is no punch-through capability on the YouView IR Remote, and online help from BT has confirmed this.

Punch through is the common term for being able to programme your remote control to send IR codes to both a TV and an AV Preamplifier/Processor. To use punch through you normally select the TV you wish to support first, and then the AV Preamplifier/Processor. Secondly, the only device control button on the remote is for a TV (which will therefore generate TV based device codes). There is a help page online so as to program the IR with various TV brand codes, but this doesn't help, as the M3 device code is (hex10). So the M3 will just ignore TV based IR commands generated by the remote. Both Sky and Virgin Remotes will integrate.

There is of course another solution; universal remotes are widely available online, and can be setup to work with multiple devices. Q Acoustics Q Media products use a Philips RC5 code, using codes for an AV Receiver.