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Q Media - Q. How do I get my soundbar/soundbase to work with Virgin Media V6 remote handset?


The simplest way to programme your Virginmedia V6 remote to work with your Q media device is by searching for the correct code.
  1. Make sure your soundbar/soundbase and your Virgin Media box are switched on and connected using and appropriate audio cable.
  2. Press and hold down Clear and Volume Down at the same time until the light on top of the remote flashes green twice
  3. Enter the code 1999 to access the AV device code database and the LED will flash green twice
  4. Point the remote at your soundbar/soundbase and press channel up repeatedly until a code mutes the volume for the device and the LED will flash green each time a code is sent
  5. When the volume turns off, press Mute to turn the volume back on
  6. Press Volume Up / Down and Mute to check that the remote is working with your device. (If it doesn't work, continue to search using Channel Up until the next code turns off the volume, and repeat steps 5 and 6)
  7. When the Volume and Mute keys work, press OK to store the code. The LED will then flash green twice
  8. If you reach the end of the code database, the light on top of the remote will give an extended red flash and exit programming mode. If you think you've missed the code, you can work backwards through the code database by pressing the channel down button at any time.