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Q Media - Q. I paired my soundbar with my TV via Bluetooth, but the HDMI connection now won't work?


We had an example where the TV had connected to an M2 via Bluetooth in addition to the HDMI connection, so that “QM2” appeared in the external speaker list on the TV.

The best remedy is to “disconnect” and “forget” the Bluetooth connection. Here’s how we did it on a sample Samsung TV: 
  1. Settings > Sound > Speaker List (Sound Output)
  2. Then highlight the QM2 listing and click right cursor button.
  3. Select “Bluetooth Audio Devices”.
  4. It should say “QM2 Connected”. Click on this listing.
  5. Click “Disconnect” and then “Yes” and “OK”.
  6. It should now say “QM2 Paired”. Click on this listing and click “Delete” then “Yes” and “OK”.

You should now find that QM2 has disappeared from the External Speakers list. You can now select HDMI Receiver without getting the QM2 prompt. Once you have achieved this you should find that the M2/M3 and the TV work together as normal.