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Q Media - Q. Why is there no sound when my soundbar/soundbase is connected to a TV?


Quite often, HD (film channels in particular) send audio in Dolby 5.1. One of the reasons our soundbars sound so good is because they are purely stereo products. This means the product sending the digital signal must be configured (via the set-up menu) to send a PCM Stereo signal.

Within the audio settings of your TV, please ensure that the 'Digital Audio' setting is set to two channel stereo/PCM and not Dolby/multi-channel. This should resolve the lack of sound, as Q Media products are two channel only and cannot decode multi-channel information, therefore you need to ensure all multi-channel audio is down sampled to two channel. Please note that you may also need to change the audio output settings for apps such as Netflix and other devices, i.e. set-top/cable boxes, DVD and Blu-ray players and games consoles.