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Q Media M2/M3 - Q. How do I use HDMI to connect my M2 Soundbase or M3 Soundbar to my TV?


To use the HDMI (ARC) connection, four things need to be in place before the soundbar will connect with the TV via HDMI (ARC) so that it takes the place of your TV speakers and can be controlled using the TV's remote. These settings normally happen automatically, but if not, then you will need to set them manually from within the TV set-up menu:
  1. Check that your TV has an HDMI (ARC) input. Without it the soundbar cannot connect. This is not the same as an ordinary HDMI input and should be clearly labelled on the TV.
  2. The HDMI-CEC functionality needs to be enabled so that control can be extended to the soundbar for volume and standby.
  3. The TV's speakers need to be switched to "External" or "AV Speaker".
  4. The digital output signal to the HDMI socket needs to be set to PCM Stereo.
Once you have adjusted the relevant settings, you will need to switch everything off and follow the procedure below. The communication between the sound bar and the TV will only take place as the TV comes out of standby so it is essential that the correct procedure is followed:
  1. Make sure all the equipment is switched off
  2. Connect the M2 to the TV HDMI (ARC) connection using the HDMI cable supplied
  3. Switch on both the TV and the M2 at the mains so that they are in standby (red LED)
  4. Use the TV remote to switch on the TV
  5. The TV should recognise the M2 and presently the M2 should come on with a purple LED and the sound will come from the M2. (There may be a brief burst of sound from the TV speakers before it auto switches)
Once you have performed this for the first time the soundbar will replace your TV speakers and you can use the TV as you normally would using its own remote control. The sound bar will follow the TV on/standby state and respond to TV volume commands.