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Concept - Q. What is Q Acoustics Gelcore® technology?


Gelcore® is an invention and trademark of Q Acoustics. It was first used in the Concept 20 speakers and their dedicated stand.

Cabinet resonance is a long-standing problem in speaker design, where vibrations arising in the walls of the cabinet influence the sound which the listener hears. Many different solutions have been tried by speaker designers to tackle this, some of which work better than others, e.g. lining the cabinet walls with damping material or using internal bracing in the cabinet structure. Sometimes they don’t solve problem, but simply shift the resonance to a different and equally intrusive frequency.

Gelcore® is the best solution we have used so far. It comprises of inner and outer MDF cabinet walls, separated by a highly viscous compound, like a glue, which never sets. It’s purpose is to separate vibrations within the cabinet structure from the external walls, minimising their transmission into the room. Gelcore® is also used in the top plate of the Concept 20 stand, in order to minimise vibrations being conducted from the speaker into the stand, and then into the room. The stand also is very high mass (twice that of the speaker) to help to minimise this.