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Q. Why are there two sets of terminals (binding posts) on my loudspeakers?

When there are two pairs of terThis allows you to bi-wire or bi-amplify your loudspeakers if you wish. Take a look at our blog to help you explore the benefits of bi-wiring: http://www.qacoustics.co.uk/blog/2016/06/08/bi-wiring-speakers-exploration-benefits/

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    • Q. What is Bi-Amping?

      Bi-Amping means you have an individual dedicated power amplifier for each tweeter and bass unit in your loudspeakers. This can deliver a substantial improvement in sound quality.
    • Q. What is Bi-Wiring?

      In effect, bi-wiring electrically moves your loudspeaker's crossover from the back of your loudspeaker to the back of your amplifier. This can make a small improvement to sound quality, and a good way of connecting a bi-wire cable to the amplifier ...
    • Q. Why have I lost sound from my tweeter/woofer on my bi-wireable speaker?

      Answer: With all bi-wireable speakers, please be aware that if the cables are plugged into the lower/higher terminals with the bi-wire links in use, if the unused terminals are not fully tightened, and are loose by even a small amount, the ...
    • Q. Which receiver or amplifier works best with Q Acoustics loudspeakers?

      Q Acoustics loudspeakers will produce great sound when matched with any good quality amplifier or receiver. There are a great number of very good amplifiers available today and we cannot be familiar with them all. Some of the brands we respect and ...
    • Q Install - In-Ceiling Speakers Brochure

      Please find attached the brochure for the Q Install In-Ceiling Speakers.